Our mission is to restore, fly, and educate the public about vintage US military aircraft to honor the Veterans who flew them. One of the best ways we honor our Veterans is through the use of our aircraft with formation flyovers.

Our dedicated team of pilots perform flyovers for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, military funerals, missing man formations, sports events, corporate events, charity events, and grand openings. However, nothing is better than a well-timed formation of vintage radial engines flying over just at the conclusion of the National Anthem at your event!

The flyover is managed by two of our crew members on the ground in concert with the aircrew in the aircraft, and is carefully timed to roar over the center of the stadium/event at the conclusion of the National Anthem. These vintage aircraft travel more slowly than jets, offering the crowd a great view of these historic planes. The thundering engines of the larger aircraft especially thrill the crowd as they rumble overhead.

We offer several packages set at different price points to allow your organization some flexibility with your flyover options. The Commemorative Air Force is a 501 c 3 non-profit, and flyovers costs are tax deductible.

For more information on our flyover packages, please email us at

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