Red Cross Tablecloth

On display in a large case in the museum is a table cloth signed by over 60 people during WWII. This table cloth belonged to Virginia “Ginny” Rado who was a 25-year-old School teacher from Far Rockaway, Long Island who joined the Red Cross and served for 2 years in Europe during WWII running clubs and entertainment for US Troops. She served with a P-47 fighter group, a P-51 fighter group, a Tank Destroyer Battalion (during the Battle of the Bulge) and with occupation troops after the war in Europe ended. During her time with these units, she had people sign her tablecloth at events she held for the troops.

On top of the tablecloth display case, we have a binder that shows the individual signatures on the tablecloth with photos and information on many of the people who signed it, including nine Air Corps Aces. We also have a second binder that contains a copy of her personal scrapbook that she kept during her time with the Red Cross, which provides a unique insight into her service.

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